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Vincent Treanor, Garden and Property Maintenance

Vincent Treanor, 0862133704, Oldcastle, Castle Garden and Property Maintenance

Vincent Treanor is an award winning Property and Garden Restoration expert who has won national awards for garden and property restoration. Vincent Treanor restored a number of Georgian properties in Dublin and County Meath, these restoration projects included the landscaping of the gardens. Vincent Treanor has over 30 years experience in both property and garden maintenance, having worked with some of Ireland's best known property restoration companies and Landscape gardening experts.

Vincent Treanor Garden Maintenance

Vincent Treanor only engages with a limited number of restoration projects per-year and this allows for very personal time and energy to be given to each projects chosen for restoration.

Vincent Treanor prides himself in doing big jobs and small which allows for greater diversity in his workload and an opportunity to bring greater numbers of properties and gardens back to their original splendour.

Winning a number of national awards has not stopped Vincent Treanor from working with ordinary people on their special projects. Gardena and Property maintenance “is very satisfying” states Mr Treanor, “you can see the joy in people’s faces when something loved is restored and once again fit for purpose”.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Eir Customer Service

Eir Customer Service

Eir Treating Rural Customers Like Second Class Citizens

Formally Trading as Eircom, Eir is treating rural customers as second class citizens. When one travels along the rural roads of County Meath, it is easy to see why Eir Customers feel that they are being treated as second class citizens by Eir, many Eircom telegraph poles can be seen leaning towards the ground, with some defying gravity, this poor infrastructural maintenance by Eircom and now Eir would not be tolerated or indeed allowed along the leafy suburbs of Dublin, yet Eir appear to think that it is acceptable to fire-manage their infrastructure in rural county Meath, indeed, most of rural Ireland can be seen to suffer from the same Eircom now Eir neglect, and what can be described as reckless endangerment of the public.

Eir Customer Review

In rural Meath one woman tells her story about her treatment as a customer of Eircom and now Eir:

I live in rural Meath, about 15 minutes from Kells and so not as isolated as most of rural Ireland and that is why I fear to think how Eir customers are being treated in more remote areas. I had Eir connect a landline and Internet services 3 years ago, the entire infrastructure was new, new cable taken directly from the Eircom pole that services the local area, all of the cables inside my home were brand new and provided by Eircom, wall sockets, computer and all the trappings were brand new with regular security updates on my computer hardware and software.

Eir Service

Shortly after the euphoria of having been connected to the internet and being able to run my business on-line and from home, I began to notice that my internet was more often off-line than on-line. I contacted Eircom Customer Service where I was subjected to the usual wait, and finally when I got an Eir Customer Service Representative on the line who described himself as technical support, he asked me to, “Switch it Off and Switch It On”. Soon the Eir Customer Service technical support representative agreed with me that there was something more “Structurally Wrong” with the Eir Service that I was receiving, the Eir representative told me that he had placed my technical problem into a waiting list and that an “Engineer” would call to look at the problem within 10 working days. I explained to the Eir Representative that I was dependent on the internet to run my business and this was my only means of income. The Representative said that he would place my concerns on the file and hopefully speed up the process.

Eir Customer Support

After 7 days without internet services and trying to run my business by mobile phone, mainly contacting customers and apologising for not answering their e-mail queries, an Eir Engineer arrived at my house. He explained that he was from KN, which is a company that is sub-contracted originally by Eircom and now by Eir to carry out certain engineering works. The engineer from KN said that he would have to check the line back to the sub-station and then he would report back to me, in the evening the KN engineer reported that he had not found any fault and would have to continue checking the line in the morning. The following morning, I was driving to Kells and I did see the KN engineer at the top of a telegraph pole, however, I would be told on another occasion that that pole has no relationship to my service. On the second evening the KN engineer checked my Eir connection in my house and said that all was well, he had in fact found a pin hole along the main cable on the road and this was most likely letting in moisture to the delicate cables inside. To be honest, this story sounded far-fetched as the cable from the sub-station to my house is several Km long and the KN engineer had no Hoist to get him up to the line, only a ladder to get him up the pole. So how he identified a pin hole along the several Km of line and then got up to repair it remains a mystery.

Eir Service resumes

The next day all appeared well, however, after waiting almost 10 tens to get back to business, I possibly overlooked how slow my Eir Broadband Service actually was and indeed when it completely went off-line for long periods I walked away and made a cup of tea or took a walk outside. Eventually I had to admit that my Eir Broadband Service was simply not working, and all of this time I am paying through the nose to be treated like a second class citizen. I again phoned Eir on my mobile as my landline was also out of order, again I was told by a different Customer Support Representitive to “Switch it off and Switch it on”, which was like a mantra from a Little Britain Episode. Eventually the Eir Customer Service representative on the other end of the phone accepted that there were serious issues with my Eir Service as he could see from his computer that I was not getting anything like the 4G Broadband power that I was paying for. Again I was told that I was listed for an engineer to visit my home and that would happen within the next 10 days, I again explained the urgency of my situation as my business was internet dependent, again I was told that a note would be placed on my file and hopefully speed things up.

Eir Technical Support

12 days after my complaint to Eir and Eircom’s acknowledgement of my poor service provision an Engineer from KN arrived at my door, this time to tell me that because of the distance that I was from the sub-station I could never have received the promised broadband that I was paying for, he said he had reduced my 4G and this should improve the service.

Eir Broadband Provision

The above process has now been completed on 7 occasions and my Broadband service from Eir continues to be very poor with many mornings and afternoons of business lost as I have no internet connection at all or it is so slow that it takes up to 15 minutes simply to open Google. When a neighbour reported that a telegraph pole was leaning dangerously towards the main road, an Eir engineer arrived and the pole remains several months later posing a serious threat to public Health and Safety.

Eir Urban Broadband provision

I had occasion to stay in a 4 Star Hotel in O’Connell Street in Dublin in May 2016 and happened to have a conversation with a member of staff on the front desk about Broadband, I asked how they managed when their Broadband went down or there was a technical issue, I was told very clearly that if their Broadband went down or there was a technical issue, which was very rare, Eir would have an engineer or engineers on site within hours, they had never waited more than hours for an engineer from Eircom or now Eir. The front of house staff member told me that they were never without Broadband for any length of time beyond a couple of hours and she had worked there for the past 15 years.

Eir Final Solution

Finally, I called Eir and asked them if I would have an improved service if I moved to another Broadband provider and they said I could change provider if I so wished, however, such a provider would still be using Eir infrastructure and I would have exactly the same service as with Eir no matter what promises were made to me by another Broadband Service Provider.

Customer Review

The above Customer Review of Eir Broadband services has been authenticated by means of copies of communications between Eir and the customer and it is clear from this personal testimony that Eircom AKA Eir are indeed treating Rural Customers as second class citizens and excusing that treatment with a trail of misleading information and the usual excuses about the difficulty of providing Broadband in rural settings, excuses that are not tolerated by the Governments of other developed European Countries. It is time for Eir to be held to account for promises and charging for services that they cannot realistically deliver with their present policy of infrastructural neglect and fire-management maintenance.

Foot Note: KN Network Services have been awarded the contract in 2013 to provide a fully managed service to eircom for the NGA broadband rollout.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gareth Hutch Shot Dead

Gareth Hutch Shot Dead

The 35-year-old victim of today’s gangland murder has been named locally as Gareth Hutch, a nephew of Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch.

Gareth Hutch was previously cleared of attempted robbery charges related to an incident when criminal Gareth Molloy (27) was shot dead by a member of the Garda Emergency Response Unit (ERU) during a raid by a gang on a security van delivering cash to a supermarket in Lucan in May 2009.

The raiders were holding a sawn-off shotgun at a cash van worker’s head and demanding cash when gardai struck.

That busted cash-in-transit gang who have close links to the Hutch mob included convicted killer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch (31) who was later given five years in jail for co-ordinating the botched cash van raid.

Another accused, Keith Murtagh (32) of Lower Sheriff Street, was jailed for eight years in July 2010. He was injured during the shootout with gardai in Lucan.

Murtagh has since been released and has survived two assassination attempts with the cartel including on Saturday morning in the Cherry Orchard area of Ballyfermot and last month in Sheriff Street when innocent victim Martin O’ Rourke (24) was shot in a case of mistaken identity.

Today Gareth Hutch was gunned down as he sat in a car outside the Avondale House Flats on North Cumberland Street in Dublin’s north inner city this morning.

The latest victim had been living at the Avondale House flats and the address was previously searched by gardaí as part of the investigation into the Regency Hotel shooting.

The victim was recently issued with a Garda Information Message warning him that his life was under threat.

Gardaí are investigating if a second man, also a relative of the Hutch family, was also injured in the attack.

The gunmen are reported to have fled the scene on foot after their getaway vehicle failed to start. They got into another vehicle nearby.

This is the eighth murder linked to the Hutch - Kinahan feud.

Witnesses described two gunmen leaving the scene, and that "three to six shots" were fired.

The scene is sealed off and a technical examination of the area is expected to take place.

Gardaí are appealing for anyone who was in the area of North Cumberland Street or may have information, to contact the Gardaí at Mountjoy Garda Station on 01 666 8600, the Garda Confidential Line 1 800 666 111 or any Garda Station.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Johnathan Dowdall Arrested, Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein Councillor Arrested

Sinn Fein Councillor Jonathan Dowdall was arrested as he tried to board a flight to Dubai earlier this week by officers investigating the murder of David Byrne. His home on Navan Road Dublin had been raided as Gardai searched for any evidence to link Dowdall with the attack on The Regency Hotel that left David Byrne dead.

Mary Lou McDonald, Gerry Adams TD, Johnathan Dowdall

Dowdall is closely linked to senior members of Sinn Fein and his arrest will bring embarrassment to the already embattled Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams TD.

It is understood that Dowdall, who had just been served a Garda Information Message (GIM) that his life was under threat, had been under surveillance for months.

Johnathan Dowdall's House and BMW on The Navan Road Dublin

He is being quizzed about a weapons warehouse in north county Dublin where it is understood the guns used in the Regency Hotel attack were stored.

He is also being questioned about driving Gerry ‘the Monk’ Hutch around the country before the weapons were seized in Slane, in Co. Meath, last March.

The Irish Observer has learned that Dowdall quickly came to the attention of Gardai following The Regency murder as he was known to have the logistical network needed to support the Regency attack.

Johnathan Dowdall Arrested, Sinn Fein, Regency Hotel Attack, Hutch Gang

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Patrick Hutch Charged David Byrne Murder

Patrick Hutch Charged David Byrne Murder

A 24-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in Dublin in February.

Patrick Hutch, from Champions Avenue in Dublin 1, was remanded in custody to appear again in court next week.

David Byrne, 33, from Raleigh Square in Crumlin, was shot dead at the Regency Hotel on 6 February as part of an ongoing feud between two criminal gangs, which has resulted in the deaths of six men.

Patrick Hutch is the brother of the first victim of the feud, Gary Hutch, who was shot dead in Spain last September.

Armed gardaí escorted Patrick Hutch from Ballymun Garda Station, where he has been questioned for the past five days, to the Courts of Criminal Justice for a special sitting of the Dublin District Court this evening.

Detective Sergeant Michael Mulligan gave evidence of arrest, charge and caution.

He told the court he arrested Patrick Hutch at 5.40pm and when he was charged with the murder of David Byrne, he made no reply.

There was no application for bail.

Judge Hugh O'Donnell granted him free legal aid and remanded Mr Hutch in custody to appear again in Clover Hill District Court on 25 May.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Oldcastle Gardai, Burglary Oldcastle Meath

Burglary Oldcastle Meath

Oldcastle Gardai are looking for anybody who was in the town yesterday Thursday (3/12/2015) morning between 3.50am and 5.20am. Farrelly’s pub opposite SuperValue on Church Street was broken into. Four suspects using a black 06KK mazda car were involved in the burglary. They spend a long time in and around the pub so if there was anybody passing by and saw what was going on can you give the Gardai a call on 046-9240999.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pro-life rally, Dublin, 2015

Opposing sides clash during abortion rallies in Dublin

There were confrontational scenes in Dublin city centre today as opposing sides of the abortion debate held demonstrations in the capital.

Ahead of the annual All-Ireland Rally for Life organised by a coalition of anti-abortion groups, a counter-demonstration was held by pro-choice activists on O’Connell Street on Saturday afternoon at the interface between the two factions.

A large Garda presence lined the street beside the Spire in an attempt to keep the groups separated, as marchers representing Youth Defence, The Life Institute and Precious Life were greeted by chants of “Pro-life, that’s a lie, you don’t care if women die” and “Anti-women, anti-gay, pro-life bigots go away”.

Keywords: Abortion Ireland, Pro-life Rally, Dublin, 2015